Multi-tenant Backup

If you have multiple locations under your jurisdiction, you know the complications of backing up data from each office or franchise. You need easy access to all the data in one place, without the risk of information from one section crossing into another, and also need access to their specific backups.

A multi-tenant solution is the answer to this dilemma: it allows for a single endpoint for all data, while maintaining the autonomy of each sector’s information. The manager can access all backups from a single web console and store the info in one account, with full assurance that each backup will stay separate so that it can be accessed individually.

No matter what the point of origin, all data is fully encrypted before transit to the data center, and remains in that state after it arrives. When you need to recall something, retrieval is quick and easy—and the data is unencrypted only when it returns back to you. Our multi-tenant solutions keep your data organized, accessible from one endpoint, and safeguarded from unathorized access.