Server Backup Overview

Server Backup Overview

Server Backup Offers Highest Levels
of Security and Data Protection

Server Backup delivers the highest level of data protection. Your data is encrypted and stored in our secure data centers for quick and easy recovery from any location.  Our product and services are SEC, SOX and HIPAA compliant and include Advanced Encryption System (AES).

Data Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory Compliance. Server Backup remote solution helps you comply with the latest rules including those mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC Rule 17a, the Patriot Act, and others.

Continuous Data ProtectionContinuous Data Protection (CDP) provides a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) of essentially zero data loss with virtually instant recovery. System Administrators can quickly and easily rewind applications to any point in time to find a consistent image of your data for total protection from both hardware and data failures. Includes CDP for Windows and Linux File Systems.

Open File ProtectionOpen File Protection. Server Backup natively supports backing up open files and databases, without complex plug-ins or costly third party tools. Open files are typically your most important.

Bandwidth ThrottlingBandwidth Throttling. Server Backup allows bandwidth throttling to help deliver a higher quality of service (QoS) by limiting network congestion and server disruptions.

Wide OS and Database SupportWide OS and Database Support are provided for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, VMware and Oracle databases.

LAN Speed RestoreLAN Speed Restore. Server Backup enables local storage and recovery of designated file sets (in compressed format to preserve storage capacity) so critical data does not have to be retrieved across the WAN, but instead is restored at LAN speed.

Short Backup Windows through Common File Elimination Short Backup Windows through Common File Elimination (CFE), Delta Block Processing and compression are used to maximize data transfer rates for faster backup and recovery.

End-to-End Data SecurityEnd-to-End Encryption. All data is encrypted pursuant to the AES 256 standard, the highest-level of encryption commercially available. Data is encrypted at your site before transmission, and then it is stored in encrypted format at our secure data centers, remaining encrypted until it returns to you.

In-flight and At Rest Data EncryptionIn-flight and At Rest Encryption: Security is hard-coded into the Server Backup solution by providing encryption for data both in-flight and at-rest. Only you have access.

Bare Metal RestoreBare Metal Restore. Administrators can recover any data, including email, to bare-metal systems, without having to manually reinstall operating systems or configure hardware prior to restore processes; self-healing technology allows recovery from corrupted blocks.

SQL RecoverySQL Recovery:  SQL server database administrators require fast and secure backup and recovery. SQL database recovery is available for immediate recovery whenever and where ever  you need it. It includes Message Level Restore for quick restore of individual or group emails, at the mailbox level, without interrupting your email server.

Constant Data MonitoringConstant Monitoring. ServerBackup technologies provides 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring from an advanced Service Operation Center (SOC) to make sure your backups are accurate and complete, all the time, day and night.

World-Class Data CentersWorld-Class Data Centers. Your data is stored in world-class data centers with extraordinary infrastructure and network connectivity. More than a dozen fiber optic networks, multiple TXU fault tolerant electrical grids, and three power grid feeds address the highest demand level.

Server Backup lets you pay as you grow for seamless, economical data protection.Scalability. Server Backup lets you pay as you grow for seamless, economical data protection.

System RecoverySystem Recovery. Server Backup can perform a complete system recovery from CD or Ethernet-connected Network Attached Storage (NAS). Windows NT data, including NTFS security and system state/registry are supported.

Built-in Data SecurityBuilt-in Data Security. Through the use of password authentication, bi-directional digital certificates and AES encryption Server Backup provides the same high level of security as online banking.

Data Center Resilience to Outages and Packet LossResilience to Outages and Packet Loss. Server Backup successfully recovers from network outages and high packet loss without interruption to backup/restore.