Remote Office Backup

For businesses with more than one location, data backup can be complicated. ServerSafe’s Remote Office Backup removes the complexity by allowing you to manage a complete backup of all your servers from one central location. Dispersed data at multiple offices can still be corralled by the host system; it functions on a pyramid setup, with the main host system transferring data from each site’s host system, which in turn has gathered it from the machines within its network.

Schedule automatic backups for data in multiple locations, without the hassle of having to be on-site to run it. These unattended backups run seamlessly through the Internet, with AES encryption applied throughout the transfer and at the secure data centers. There’s no limit to how many remote offices ServerSafe can handle; it seamlessly accommodates hundreds or even thousands of sites.

For Exchange and SQL servers, a live backup means you won’t have to shut down your operation in order to save your information. Advanced compression technology, such as eliminating duplicate files, ensures fast backups and recoveries while saving storage space. You’ll also save money thanks to ServerSafe’s agentless nature—there are no additional pieces of software or plug-ins to purchase for each machine.

Remote offices are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. With remote office backup, you’ll no longer have to train remote employees to safely store your data—they can focus on their jobs, while ServerSafe delivers peace of mind. Easily access your data anytime, and use the built-in continuous data protection to back up key pieces of information around the clock. You’ll enjoy full control of your data network, no matter how far it sprawls.