Continuous Protection

Continous Data Protection

Server Backup delivers the highest level of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for applications that can’t afford to lose any data such as database management systems, point-of-sale systems, financial transaction systems, email and more. It continuously monitors the data to be backed up and automatically replicates block-level changes offsite.

It delivers both a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) which provides essentially zero data loss and with immediate recovery. System Administrators can quickly and easily rewind applications to any point in time to find a consistent image of their data for total protection from both hardware and data failures.

How CDP Backup Works

By keeping a complete record of every second of data, CDP allows the user to view any moment in the past, providing total protection with essentially zero loss. Additionally, CDP can be integrated into traditional backup, so it’s a seamless transition if and when the need arises. Since CDP by nature stores large quantities of data, your system can enact deletion policies for data that is a certain age or meets other requirements. This makes the storage more efficient, and therefore, less expensive.

The security of your data is of utmost importance. We take it very seriously, using the highest level of commercially available encryption before transmitting your data to our secure centers. The data remains encrypted until you request it, at which point we transmit it back, still encrypted, and deliver it to you freshly decoded.

No matter how many computers or workstations you have, CDP can be installed on just one machine, and can retrieve and store the data from all PCs. Data across multiple offices can be stored for easy access, no matter the location. You also have the option to give users specific management capabilities. Secure every change made to every piece of data with automated, continuous backup. And by backing up only the changes, and not the entire files, you’ll save space, time, and money.

Features Include:

server backupDP Backup for Windows and Linux File Systems means the virtual end of data loss on these platforms

server backupScalability. Server Backup has the ability to scale to accommodate growth in both the near-term and long-term

server backupPolicy-Based Retention. Server Backup eliminates protected data based on time or policy rules for greater storage efficiency and lower storage costs.

server backupEnd-to-End Encryption. AES 256 standard of encryption is used.  This is the highest-level of encryption commercially available. All data is encrypted at your site before it is transmitted, and then it is stored in encrypted format at our secure data centers.  Your data remains encrypted until it returns to you

server backupCentral Management of Backup Process. You gain total control over your backup/recovery process.  Users of the option for authorized direct management to recover their data sets, files and emails.

server backupFast Backup, Fast Restore. Disk-to-disk (D2D) backups happen at a fraction of the time it takes to backup to tape and restored quickly.  You may also save a copy of designated file sets locally to allow you to back up that data at fast LAN-speeds.  Bare-metal restores are Server Backup option.

server backupLAN Speed Restore. Server Backup enables local storage and recovery of designated file sets in compressed format to preserve storage capacity.  Critical data does not have to be retrieved across the WAN, but instead is restored at LAN speed.

server backupShort Backup Windows through Common File Elimination (CFE), Delta Block Processing and compression maximize data transfer rates for much faster backup and recovery.

server backupRegulatory Compliance.  Server Backup remote server backup solution helps you comply with the latest rules including those mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC Rule 17a, the Patriot Act, and others.

server backupHard-Coded Security. Security is hard-coded into the Server Backup by providing encryption for data both in-flight and at-rest. Only you have access.

server backupBandwidth Throttling. Server Backup adjusts the speed of the backup to available WAN bandwidth to head off bottle-necks.

server backupBroad Scope Application of Service. You are able to compress, encrypt, backup, store and recover the data on desktops, servers and laptops to and from our world-class data center facilities.

server backupEfficiencies and Economies:  Server Backup eliminates the time, manpower and resources in purchasing, deploying and maintaining a highly reliable backup and recovery solution on your own.

Offering You The Highest Level of Data Security and Continuous Data Protection