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How is Data Archiving Different Than Data Backup?

Data backup and data archiving are often confused. The two services are confused because they both involve storing and retrieving data. In reality, the two services are extremely different and used for different purposes.

Data backup is designed to create copies of production data for the purpose of using it should the original data/content become lost, destroyed, or corrupted. The information that is stored through using a database backup system can be altered and changed after it has been retrieved.

Archiving allows companies to store and retrieve data, but this service is not used for data that needs to be modified or changed. Stored data using archiving cannot be modified as it is stored in an unalterable state. This service is used to create a safe, reliable long-term storage option of data. Companies will also use archiving in order to comply with data compliance regulations.

Understanding whether data backup or archiving is needed can be difficult. Server Backup can help customers determine which service is necessary and may be required in order to keep a business data compliant. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss data backup and archiving.  

Can I Change Data Once it has Been Archived?

No. Data archiving allows companies to store data that does not need to be readily accessible in a safe, secure location. When data is stored using this process, it is changed into a specific file format that allows the file to be read multiple times, but it cannot be altered in any way. This allows companies to guarantee the accuracy of the information within the file, as it can never be modified or changed.

Server Backup offers an archiving service known as Write Once Read Many, or WORM. This service allows us to take old discs of information and transfer it into a newer, more reliable digital format. It can also be used for storing existing data.

When using our WORM service, customers will be able to read the file as many times as they wish, but it cannot be altered in any way. This gives customers the comfort they need to know that any legal or personal information is available and unaltered. Contact us at Server Backup to learn more about this and other archiving services.

Do I Need Data Backup or Data Archiving?

Data backup and archiving solve two very different problems for businesses. Determining what problem needs to be solved will help customers decide which service needs to be used.

Data backup services can be thought of as an insurance policy that protects data that changes on a frequent basis. Data backup is constantly saving new versions of data, which allows customers to retrieve it should the original file become corrupted, destroyed, or lost.

Archiving is designed to provide companies with a long-term stable storage solution for data that is authentic and unaltered. This is necessary as many companies are required to use data archiving to comply with corporate and/or government regulations. This service may also be used by companies in an effort to free up real-time storage space, as it takes older static data and stores it. Contact us at Server Backup to learn more about which service may be right for your business.

Do I need data backup or data archiving for my business?

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