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What is Data Compliance?

Data compliance is a set of regulations certain businesses must follow when it comes to how sensitive information is stored. The regulations may require that information is backed up using reliable, secure server backup software. Other regulations may require information to be encrypted and a backup version stored offsite.

While the laws and regulations may vary depending upon industry, there are several things that are the same about all industry regulations. All regulations require organizations to have operational transparency, keep backup copies offside, and retain generational versions of data.

These regulations are required as more and more businesses make the transition from paper records to digital format. These regulations guarantee that sensitive, personal information is handled properly and kept secured.

There are several different types of regulations that outline what businesses must do to stay data compliant. Some examples of these regulations include State Breach Notification Law, SOX Compliance, NCUA Compliance, J-SOX Compliance, HIPAA/HITCH, PCI-DDS, and Basel Compliance.

Server Backup can help businesses update and maintain their IT infrastructure to make sure they are data compliant. Contact us to learn about how our free data review and data stress tests can help assess whether or not you are operating according to required data compliance.

Who Needs Data Compliance?

Companies that operate in specific industries or deal with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, are required to be data compliant. Typically, companies within the healthcare, legal, government, and finance industries have very strict rules and regulations that must be followed in order to be data compliant.

In addition to these industries, any company that maintains or stores sensitive customer data that contains personally identifiable information, or PII, must follow certain compliance laws. Personally identifiable information is defined as any information that can be specifically traced back to a specific customer or individual.

Server Backup provides a number of services that can help businesses update or maintain their IT infrastructure so that it is data compliant. Contact us to learn more about what secure database backup services we offer that can help your company stay data compliant.    

How Do I Know if I am Being Data Compliant?

The requirements for data compliance will vary depending upon the industry. For example, healthcare companies may have stricter compliance rules than a finance or legal firm. The varying rules and regulations can make it difficult for customers to determine if they are being data compliant. Luckily, a data audit can help.

A data audit will validate a company's compliance with rules and regulations. The data audit will include reviewing the IT infrastructure, data retention policies, disaster recovery plan, delete and restore tests, verifying offsite copies of data exist, and looking at password policies. Other factors that will be looked at during the audit include email policies, failover, uptime, and redundancy.

After an audit is conducted, a company can see if they are compliant and determine what sections need to be updated to stay up-to-date on rules and regulations. Server Backup provides customers with a free data policy review and data stress test. Contact us today to inquire about having one run for your business today.

What can happen to my business if I'm not data compliant?

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