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How Much Do You Charge for Database Backups?

The price of database backup service through Server Backup will vary depending upon the amount of storage needed and how many servers are being backed up. Our services typically start at $50 per month. This is for up to 50 GB of storage and includes up to 5 servers.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to customize their storage. Customers that need additional storage over 50 GB can expect to pay an additional $0.50 for each GB. A $5.00 additional charge each month is added for each additional server over the five included servers.

Customized plans are available for customers that need backup storage for multiple locations, have a need for multiple services, or that require onsite backup and disaster recovery applications. Contact us by email or call us to schedule an appointment to discuss creating a customized storage plan for your unique storage needs.

How to Backup a Database?

Database backup occurs when important, mission-critical information that is typically stored on onsite databases is automatically backed up on an offsite server. The services provided by Server Backup allow businesses to automatically backup important data offsite without needing to download or use expensive hardware or software.

Customers choose to use our services for a number of reasons. We are reliable, offer high availability and fast recovery times, which are essential to any business, regardless of size, that has a need for virtually backing up database information.

We can back up a number of different databases and email databases. Some examples of the databases we can backup include SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Examples of email databases include Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and Exchange. We also offer backup for Oracle 8 or higher and DB2.

Our backup services allow businesses to quickly recover when an event occurs. Businesses can use our rollback restore to quickly pinpoint a time to restore the data base to, rather than a specific job. This saves precious time and allows businesses to be up and running in a matter of minutes. Call us at Server Backup to discuss what services we can provide, including backing up databases and providing data compliance.

What is the Best Database Backup Solution?

Databases are responsible for storing extremely private pieces of information. It is essential to keep all stored data secure to prevent the information from being destroyed, lost, or falling into the wrong hands. Using the best database backup solution allows individuals to know that everything from their email records to systems management is secure and safe.

Server Backup is the best solution for backing up databases. Our high encryption levels and fast Internet transfers guarantee that data gets transmitted safely to our offsite centers. We offer automatic backup that can occur whenever our customers schedule it.

One of the things that make us the best solution for backing up databases is our ability to grow and change with our customers. Customers can add and remove services to meet the needs of their company. We offer services such as duplication and continuous data protection.

Our database backup services can be used with the following operating systems: Windows services such as Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL, non-windows services like Oracle, AS-400, Linux, and VMWare Servers. Call us to learn more about our available services including data archiving and online data storage.

How important is to do database backup?

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