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Where Can I Subscribe to Server Backup Service / Server Backup Software?

Subscriptions for reliable, safe, secure server backup software can be found at Server Backup. Our company provides customers with the opportunity to choose from two download/subscription options – self install and professional install.

A professional install is the ideal method for subscribing to our service. During a professional install, a member of our staff will work closely with the client to make sure the software is properly installed and ready for use. We will guide clients through the selection process of their backup sets to guarantee all necessary information and data from a server is being properly backed up and stored.

Clients in need of immediate server backup can use the self install option. Our backup server software is available for download at our website Server Backup. Call us at Server Backup to schedule an appointment to discuss available server backup software options.

What is the Best Software to Backup My Server?

The best server backup software to use is Server Backup. Once our software is installed, our customers can customize their backup sets and schedule backup times. The ability to customize how the software is used allows our customers to create a backup system that meets their needs.

We offer several solutions when it comes to server backup software. Clients can choose to backup servers at night, so as not to impact daytime bandwidth, or they can opt for continuous data backup (CDP). Continuous data backup is an ideal solution for customers that are running Oracle, Linus, Microsoft SQL and Exchange, as they are constantly processing data. Call or email us to discuss having us help with selecting data sets and creating backup policies.

Who is the Best Server Backup Service Provider?

Server Backup is the best provider for server backup services. We understand that online backup is not a 'one size fits all' system and each and every business/client has unique online backup needs. This is why we offer a variety of products and services that can be tailored to provide solutions for our clients.

One of the qualities that make us the best provider for server backup service is our willingness to customize our services to the client's needs. We work closely with our clients to determine exactly what backup solutions are needed and, when necessary, we create hybrid backup systems that are unique to certain data sets.

Hybrid backup systems can be created using two or more of our services. Some of the services we offer include data replication, generational backup, hot-site backups, regulatory compliance, HIPAA compliance, data archiving, onsite appliance backup, scheduled backup, CDP, bandwidth throttling, and many other services.

In addition to customizing our system to meet the client's needs, we are the best because of our 3-2-1 approach to server backup. We want to create a backup system that allows every client to have 3 copies of their data. Two of those copies are stored in at a local location for immediate data recovery, while another is stored offsite. Call us at Server Backup to schedule an appointment to discuss creating a unique server backup system that includes using services like data compliance and onsite data storage.

How to determine what it the best server backup software for my business?

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